Andrew's Website is Back!

Welcome to Andrew's funky website. I'm lucky to have gotten this far. lol.

This website is currently under construction, so if things are still broken then bear with me.

Pea Database Project

Welcome from the Homegrown Goodness Plant Breeding Forum and the Open Source Plant Breeding Forum (OSSI). This is the Pea Database Collaboration Project. Feel free to help us catalog every unique pea variety and collect useful information such as growth habit and genetics information in one place. Meant to be a modern database with nice pictures.

Visit the Pea Database Here

Tomato Breeding

Here is a new sub-topic for talking about tomato genetics and breeding with wild tomato genomes.I plan on expanding this area soon.

Learn About Wild Tomatoes Here

If you would like to, you can email me at: Biolumo [at] gmail (dot) com.

Watermelon Genetics

A recent discussion on the Homegrown Goodness plant breeding forum asked about the genetics of Watermelon flesh colors and other genetics. Since it is a bit confusing and complicated i decided to start this new page here. Look for more updates soon.

Watermelon Genetics Are Crazy!