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Welcome to Andrew's crappy website (that has currently been converted to a Wiki). If i can figure out how to host a website AND a wiki at the same time i may do so. But as of now i have no idea what i am doing. I'm lucky to have gotten this far. lol.

Pea Database Collaboration Project

Red Podded Pea.

Welcome from the Homegrown Goodness Plant Breeding Forum. This is the Pea Database Collaboration Project.

  • Note: John is testing out trying to make a better version of this wiki database with wordpress rather than mediawiki. Check out his test website here:

Tomato Breeding Database

Wild tomato attracting bees.

Here is a new sub-topic for talking about tomato genetics and breeding with wild tomato genomes.

Watermelon Genetics

Scarlet red.jpg


A recent discussion on the Homegrown Goodness plant breeding forum asked about the genetics of Watermelon flesh colors and other genetics. Since it is a bit confusing and complicated i decided to start this new page here. Look for more updates soon.


This site is sort of an experiment right now, but i am liking how it is starting to develop. Since i am a poor college student please consider clicking on the paypal donate button to help me cover the costs of hosting this myself if you find the information here useful. If you would like to donate on a regular basis i could look into creating a Patreon account, but as of now i don't have one. You can email me [at] biolumo {at.} gmail [dot] com. The email has been scrambled to help prevent spam.

Getting started

MediaWiki has been installed.

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